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  • 10 vibes for Van

    like locals

    Have a Van breakfast. Start your day by trying herb cheese and Van honey.

    In the city that has hosted many civilizations, visit historical artifacts and see the historical Van Castle and Hoşap Castle. Visit Van Museum.

    Take a boat tour on Lake Van, see Akdamar Island and the Memorial Museum, and listen to Tamara’s story. Watch the evocative red landscape forming over the lake at sunset.

    See the beaches of Van and the public Blue Flag beach, swim in the healing waters of Lake Van.

    Listen to the sounds of Muradiye Waterfall, see the Edremit and Gevaş shores. Smell the “crying bride” Inverted Tulips and watch a magnificent sunset from the Edremit Viewing Terrace.

    Experience the visual feast created by the flying fish, the pearl mullet (Van fish), which migrates into the Erciş Deli Stream, jumping and dancing as they swim against the current.

    Listen to the sounds of birds in Erçek Lake, and see dozens of different bird species, including flamingos.

    Ski at the Abalı Ski Center, raft on the Müküs Stream, and paraglide on Mount Artos. Discover the world's largest microbiolites by diving in Lake Van.

    Buy the local Van kilimi and niello (silver) handicrafts as a souvenir or gift.

    Pet the world-famous Van Cat, with its startling eyes – one blue, one amber.  

    Taste the unique flavours of Van Cuisine.