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    Muradiye Falls

    Muradiye Waterfall (Muradiye Şelalesi) is among the must-see natural assets of Van, with its clean air and beautiful nature. The magnificent waterfall on the Bend-i Mahi Stream, fed by Tendürek Mountain (Tendürek Dağı), is named after the Ottoman Sultan Murat IV. Visitors to the waterfall can see splendid views of the 18-meter-high waterfall and listen to the roar of clear flowing waters. 

    Kanispi Cascade

    The Kanispi Cascade (Kanispi Çağlayanı) is on the Van-Çatak road, 75 km from the Van city center and five km from the Çatak district center. The waterfall begins to stream heavily at the end of April; it starts to settle in mid-August and dries completely in early September. It is called Kanispi – white waterfall – due to its milky white colour in flow. Kanispi features a beautiful promenade and is crowded with visitors during the summer months, when the full-flowing waterfall offers magnificent views.

    Erçek Lake Bird Sanctuary

    Of the 465 bird species living in Türkiye, 213 live in the Lake Van Basin. Lake Erçek (Erçek Gölü) is located 30 km east of Lake Van (Van Gölü), and access to the lake is easy. As a stopover for the migratory journeys of numerous bird species, the lake welcomes flamingos and other migratory birds from early June to late September. Especially in terms of bio tourism and ornithotourism, the Lake Erçek Bird Sanctuary (Erçek Gölü Kuş Cenneti) is one of the most important centres in the world. The bird observatories located here are popular with enthusiasts.

    The Legend of The Lake Van Monster

    The Lake Van Monster (Van Gölü Canavarı) is a legendary creature that allegedly lives in Lake Van. Many people claim to have seen it, describing it as a beast of about 15 meters long and dark in colour, with sharp protrusions on its back. As the number of people declaring a sighting of the creature increased, scientific studies were carried out in Lake Van. However, no unusual creatures were found in the lake. Today, there is a four-meter-high statue commemorating this monster in the center of the Gevaş district of Van.